Uilenrok2016-02-14 17:01:21
Uilenrok, 2016-02-14 17:01:21

1 impression per 1 IP?

Where can I find a script so that when someone visits the site 2 times using the same IP address, they will not be shown a photo for 3 hours?

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ThunderCat, 2016-02-14

there are only 2 options: one of them is wrong)
the first is cookies with a lifetime of 3 hours, check if it is installed and give nothing if any.
the second is to write to the database the ip and the time of arrival - respectively, make a selection according to the ip that has entered from the database and check the time.
Which one is wrong, think for yourself)

Dmitry Kuznetsov, 2016-02-14

Personally, I have not seen such scripts. It's easier to write your own than to look for some source code.

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