moonRTV2015-07-16 09:54:35
moonRTV, 2015-07-16 09:54:35

1) How to make the title move with the slides, but at the same time be on top? 2) a) How to bring the buttons inside so that they do not fall out of the slide?

b) To make these buttons clickable on 50% of the slide?
1) You can set the title-slides class to position: responsive, but then it will not be on top of the image.
2) Tried float: right and left. But to make it centered, you need position: absolute, but then the buttons fall out.
Please advise how this can be implemented.
Project: https://github.com/moonrtv/anguler_slider.git

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Alexey Zuev, 2015-07-16


Tlito, 2015-07-16

parallax slider for wordpress moves headers separately

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