Alexander Verbitsky2020-02-06 15:50:58
Alexander Verbitsky, 2020-02-06 15:50:58

1. How to bind an event to ELFinder? 2. How to resize CKEditor print area?

I will immediately write two questions in one))

1. ELFinder is a conductor for loading images.

I need a java event to fire after selecting an image. Namely, somewhere near the button, the same image appeared (I’ll figure this out myself, of course).

The ELFinder documentation ( https://github.com/MihailDev/yii2-elfinder ) states that in order for the event to work, you need to write the following in web.php. the code:

'controllerMap' => [
        'elfinder' => [
            'managerOptions' => [
                'handlers' => [
                    'select' => 'function(event, elfinderInstance) {
                    'open' => 'function(event, elfinderInstance) {...}',

And so, registered, but any event after a choice of the image does not work... Can it in general not that??? How to do what I want?

2. How to change the width of the print area in CKEditor? So that even after scanning to full screen, the print area does not exceed the specified ??

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