bcrfntkm122020-03-04 11:20:40
bcrfntkm12, 2020-03-04 11:20:40

1 HDD disk is divided into 2 (MBR) disks (not partition) how to merge?

In the Acronis Disk Director 11 Home program, I saw that the disk was divided into 2 (MBR) disks (not a partition). How to merge into 1 (MBR) disk? (I did not see it in the program)

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Vitaliy K, 2020-03-04

Merge data to another disk, delete all partitions, create one new one.

Ziptar, 2020-03-04

If you do not need data from the disk, then start -> cmd as administrator -> diskpart
> list disk
> sel disk #
where # is the disk number from the list displayed by the first command. Make no mistake!
> list disk
you check that * is opposite the disk that needs to be overwritten. Again, make no mistake!
>convert mbr
then create partitions as you want and whatever you want

Radjah, 2020-03-04

Is the disk partitioned? What is it like?
If there is only one disk and two partitions, then you can transfer the data from the second partition to the first or to temporary storage, delete the second partition, and expand the first to the freed space.
If there are two disks and each has a partition, then there may be options:

  • dynamic disks and storage spaces in Windows;
  • md arrays in Linux;
  • you can mount a partition from the second disk to a directory on the first one there and there.

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