Sergey Vladimirovich2019-05-21 13:53:26
Sergey Vladimirovich, 2019-05-21 13:53:26

1 domain two different sites how so? or the sins of coopertino.ru hosting?

Actually, we moved to this hosting and paid for a year, everything seems to be well, everything was even transferred.
Sites without https
decided to set them randomly before all manipulations to sites via https
and what we see via https opened on all domains the same website of some office for the manufacture of ladders of parts for them ....
we write in tp and get the answer:
Hello !
It's not a problem. You access the site via https, while the site does not have a certificate connected. We started issuing LetsEncrypt certificates for these sites. Within 5 minutes, the situation should be resolved.
which confused me even more. we ask why this happens on our domains without our knowledge, we get the answer:
This is how nginx is configured by the ISPmanager5 panel
, well, nonsense ..
we actually use a toaster so that all people who do not know how we are also put a certificate.
We are also looking for opinions on this matter and could it somehow harm us? site search, etc.?

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Vladimir, 2019-05-21

This is a feature of the web server, if the domain points to an ip, and this ip does not have a configured login with SSL for this domain, then the first entry in the list (from the config file) will open.
Conscientious hosters usually make additional entries to the ip address with a stub so that entering directly to the ip, or to a domain with this ip without SSL, shows the stub page and not someone's site.
So formally technical support answered the truth, but in fact this is a server configuration problem.
About search - search robots will obviously not be happy with someone else's site on your domain.

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