Sergey2017-11-13 07:13:45
Domain Name System
Sergey, 2017-11-13 07:13:45

1 domain name 2 ip?

What do we have.
1. Network cut into subnets by weeds within the same company.
2. HELL looking through a router in both networks.
3. A file-exchange server that has a separate network card for each Wealan. Made in connection with the large volumes of workflow that the router simply cannot digest.
4. One domain name leading to a file sharing service.
And now the problem. How to give a domain name through AD with binding to an IP address in a given subnet if it is one.

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vreitech, 2017-11-13

well also A-records with the necessary IP addresses should be got.

SergeySL, 2017-11-13

No way.

Valentine, 2017-11-14

On linux, I would set up multiple views on bind. But win does not seem to support this functionality out of the box. Although here is something similar. However, you can also put bind on win

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