Gizmo Mogwai2017-12-14 09:37:16
Gizmo Mogwai, 2017-12-14 09:37:16

0x80070035 network problem. What is the reason?

There are 2 machines windows 10, 3 linux (centos). On linux, folders are shared through samba, the service itself is on them. When trying to access the shared linux-a folders from under 1 of the windows machines (win1), errors occur:
1) 0x80004005 when trying to access by ip
2) 0x80070035 when trying to access by name
, while win1 quietly accesses win2 shared folders. Win2 itself quietly accesses all shared folders
when pinging linux from win1, there is no packet loss.

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Maxim Grishin, 2017-12-14

If samba is on kerberos, check the time on the machines - maybe linux is 3 minutes behind, and win1 is in a hurry relative to win2, as a result, win2 crawls into a five-minute window on all machines, and win1 does not crawl through to linux.

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