Maxim Dudchenko2021-05-22 12:18:21
Maxim Dudchenko, 2021-05-22 12:18:21

Why is there no access to the Mikrotik router?

Good afternoon everyone!
Tell me who faced this situation:
There is a Mikrotik router, a provider with statics is connected to it, with port forwarding (Office A)
There is also a computer with another provider (Office B)

When I connect the backup provider to the router, the Internet itself goes through the main provider ( Office A), I can't reach either the main or the backup IP from Office B. Other providers have access to the router Backup provider is the same


B offline backup WAN


2 - this is a trace when the backup WAN is on, but the main WAN is

working Firewalls are all disabled

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Sergey Goryachev, 2018-12-17

Who adaptively typesets 50% backgrounds (on the left is one picture, on the right is another)?
There is even a more complex example, with yours everything is simpler, but the meaning is the same.

Maxim Timofeev, 2018-12-17

Who drew the grid?
If it is drawn correctly, then everything is standard. just the background image on the right side.
If a
then the grid is apparently not drawn correctly, then it is a regular container, like the same bootstrap, the indents and sizes of which are tied through media queries to the screen size. Only bs has padding on the left and right, and yours only on the left. But then the grid is not correctly drawn in the figure.
I repeat, the usual grid is drawn, nothing unusual.

Alexander Alekseev, 2018-12-17

there is a wrapper that is equal to the width of the grid
there is a wide screen
the screen is divided in half
in the left half of the screen we make half of the wrapper and press it to the right

fesservl, 2018-12-18


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