ibr_982017-04-24 19:18:51
ibr_98, 2017-04-24 19:18:51

Why doesn't "MouseEnter" work in visual c#?

hello, I added a button in the project, and this button worked when you clicked on it, I read on the Internet that you need to put "MouseEnter" instead of "Click" so that the button works on hover, but the program gives me an error, what's the matter?d9e685a7809b415fb71c2d61705f98ed.png

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Alexander Aksentiev, 2018-05-17

Use explode, unless of course there can be another point there.

GavriKos, 2017-04-24

It is not enough to simply rename the function. You still need to register it as a handler. In VS, in the properties of each object on the form, there are all events - select the object on the form, find the properties tab, there is a button with a lightning icon - and look for the event you need there. Double click - magic will happen, a new function will be created and registered where necessary.
Well, or look for how to register handlers - everything is simple there.

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