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freeman0204, 2022-02-15 22:55:13

When should I give the work done to the customer on Upwork?

In general, I now have 2 orders on Upwork.
The first payment is hourly, and the second fix price.
With the first one, I worked for an hour, then half an hour, for a total of 3.5 hours.
In review - this is what I have gained on the first day, and what Work in progress is on the second day, and Pending is the amount from the second fixed price customer, as I understand it.
It's all very confusing.
How do you normally close a project and leave feedback?
According to the fixed price project, the money was transferred to me, but they are not yet on my account, the customer is not responding. I myself closed the project and left him a review, good. But there is no answer from him. Is this the norm?
And the second one is paid hourly, I earned $ 30 in 3.5 hours in fact, but this money is somehow scattered over different statuses, as I wrote above. He is also out of touch for days. But I already gave him the job. It was not necessary? It was necessary after he paid everything and the money was in the account?
Should I write to support or what should I do?

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1001001, 2016-02-29

Well from your code like this:
st is a list

Vadim Pirx, 2016-02-29

Thank you. Exactly, the colon was superfluous)

Evgeniy _, 2016-02-29

int(filter(str.isdigit, st))

=> 1

ZERGE, 2022-02-15

1. How does the hourly payment work, you were given a link above (not the way you wrote). Click on WIP, In review, pending - and you will see what kind of money it is.
2. I have never closed contracts myself, why? You don't know what's in the client's head. Perhaps he will add another milestone for you at a fixed price. Or add tasks for the hourly. I leave the privilege of closing the contract and leaving the first review to the client.
3. If the fixed price milestone is paid for (funded), feel free to send the work to the client.

He is also out of touch for days.

It's not a time limit at all. A client can disappear for a week. And then, as if nothing had happened, he will appear, pay, leave a good review, etc.
Should I write to support or what should I do?

Do nothing for now. Wait.

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