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Programming languages
killmeslow, 2016-02-26 18:21:11

What language are AAA games written in?

What programming languages ​​are popular for developing AAA games (or MMORPG games)?

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Alexey Pavlov, 2016-02-26

werw is right, but recently UnrealEngine and Unity3d are used more and more often for AAA games (in addition to their own development, almost certainly in c ++). Therefore, most often the language is c++ (UnrealEngine or its own framework) or c# (Unity3d).
UPD. The server side of the game is often made in Java, but I haven't heard about writing the non-server side in Java.
Other languages ​​(such as Erlang, for example) can be used, but much, much less frequently.

werw, 2016-02-26

On different.
Developers of AAA games themselves are able to choose a technologically correct stack for a specific task, without looking back at economic constraints - this is an indirect consequence of their budgets and the class of developers.
Language has nothing to do with it.

sim3x, 2016-02-26

lua, python, c# for
c++ scripting for the engine
Class AAA is determined by sales. Sales do not depend on the PL

xmoonlight, 2016-02-26


Konstantin Stepanov, 2016-05-08

If a single - then take the available engine. All decent (non-Unity) ones are written in C++. Lua is used for scripting and, rarely, for huds (indicators on the screen). They often use their own scripting language.
If you want to take a look inside, there are several options:
1) Nice code: look for leaked gamebryo sources on trackers
2) Modern and true c\c++ code - download cry engine
3) A little bit of everything: Unreal Engine.
Most of all, at one time, I liked option 1
Multiplayer: also c++.
It is important to understand that shaders are a very important part of a game engine, because directly work with buffers that the engine itself fills during game loop processing. They can also be studied for interest, since they are easy to tear out of the installed game.

1974vyacheslav, 2019-01-02

C++ is better in my opinion, and if you don’t know it, I can advise where you can learn it for free

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