Alexander Ktun2016-06-23 13:26:54
Alexander Ktun, 2016-06-23 13:26:54

What is the relevance of the first version of AngularJS?

Good day, gentlemen!
I started learning the web relatively recently. Found a job AngularJS - developer first version. Does it make sense to study this technology given modern realities? As far as I know, ReactJS is now relevant, and the second AngularJS is already on its way.

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Roman Kitaev, 2015-11-21

h is constantly redefined.
x is generally an empty tuple.
Read the errors of the exceptions when you start learning?

Konstantin Dovnar, 2015-11-21

Is this such a game? Guess where the mistake is and get a prize?

Dimonchik, 2015-11-21

for i in h:

shift right, otherwise h is undefined

Ilya, 2016-06-23

Very relevant. Often I even see a search for developers for Angular 1.3. The deuce, of course, is good, but the first one has much more vacancies. And after the release, not everyone will immediately pass. Learn first.
Yes, and the second, as for me, is much easier than the first - quickly figure out how to write on it.

Mikhail Osher, 2016-06-23

Yes, you are right about the relevance of ReactJS and the upcoming release of Angular2. However, there are many tasks in which Angular version 1 will be a much better tool than React.
Knowledge is never redundant. And technologies should be chosen based on the requirements of the project.

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