Lici2014-07-01 00:26:58
Lici, 2014-07-01 00:26:58

What is the most energy efficient and optimized video player for Mac OS X?

Not all formats are understood by the native player. For many, you have to use third-party ones. Sometimes they differ in energy consumption by dozens (!) times.
Which one to choose in order to be both smart and lightweight and unix-way (not a combine, but just a player) and energy-saving and optimized?

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nikita-sky, 2016-03-03

<select></select>Specify an attribute for the tagname

<select class="form-control inputsm" ng-model="c.value" ng-options="item.name for item in c.values" name="selectedValue" required></select>

Alexey, 2014-07-01

Have you tried Vlc yet?

kuzmi4s, 2014-07-01

Try Movist

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