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sdx_sdy, 2020-09-13 23:18:51

What field of robotics to choose?

I am a 4th year student majoring in mechatronics and robotics. The topic of the WRC has been determined and the diploma is being written on the sly, the study is going on with pleasure, in parallel I am taking video courses on the Internet in order to master any design packages. Recently, the teacher raised the question that you still need to choose approximately the field of activity, in which you are going to improve further, and we presented it as: 1) mechanics, design work 2) everything related to electronics 3) programming 4) control theory , i.e. closer to mathematics, such as solving various problems and creating algorithms for the operation of systems.
According to my way of thinking, I understand that design is closer to me, i.e. I perceive volumetric-spatial things quite well, and in programs it takes me a minimum of time to work. Electronics is an interesting thing, but it goes weaker by an order of magnitude, sometimes I take a long time to figure out how they work, it’s hardly possible to design something of my own, except to assemble it from the finished one or calculate something simple. With programming, everything would be fine, but there is little experience, now we have just returned to it, because microcontrollers have already started, but before that somehow it didn’t reach our hands: in the 1st year it was a course in Borland, where further dynamic data and structures lists I didn’t manage to master it, at school there was almost no program, and why I mention lists - the teacher said that the inability to work with them - you will use the controller inefficiently, i.e. the specialist is very dead.
However, there are more questions for those who understand the 4th point (and who use Matlab): I enjoy mathematics, I like to parse formulas, I feel comfortable in it and there were no problems with it. But there are no such abilities. In addition, I am older than my classmates (closer to 30, it just so happened).
Is it worth it with average programming skills, lack of ability in mathematics and not so flexible age to move towards management theory? Or is it for especially "heady" and should be left during the design?

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Ivanq, 2015-09-29

Styles need to be added

body {
    background-size: cover;

Alexander Taratin, 2015-09-29


Andrey Fedorov, 2015-09-29

Definitely missed the details.
Let's start with the fact that you should have 3 backgrounds.
1. Primary color.
2. Background forming shading on the left.
3. Background forming shading on the right.
If you are not interested in how the site works in older browsers, I recommend using background-image: linear-gradient();
If support for such browsers is still important, you need to create two png images 1px high and set gradients from transparency to dark blue for the right shading and from dark blue to transparency for the left shading in them.
Further combining properties background-position and background-repeat to achieve the result.
Note also that older browsers do not support multiple comma-separated backgrounds - this will have to be handled in the html.
Another solution is based on a normal or inner shadow - box-shadow or box-shadow ... inset. However, here you have to decide how to hide the shadow from above and below, but leave it on the right and left. This can be done with z-index, margin or position.

chuchas, 2015-09-29

you saved the whole background into one image, together with a white background, but you need to save the background separately for the top, blue block, and separately for the block with a black, "stitched" background. if it's fast.

Dmitry Pyrkin, 2015-09-29

The advice about Three layers is good, but I would split it into two top layers and a bottom layer.
And to make the background look normal, you need to do this:

background:url(img.png) no-repeat center;

Alexander K, 2020-09-17

By itself, the formulation of the question draws on a doctorate.
And the fact that you are originally a mechatronician is for the best, because. ideally, mechanics are in 1st place, and her brains are in 2nd.
As a graduate of KhPI, Department of Automation and Telemechanics, I did not even dream about what would be offered to you now.
If you want to break the bomb in front of the commission in the process of defense, turn your attention to this, gaining momentum, only baked robotic instrumental PC platform.
Prototyping introductory video
Your knowledge will be enough to develop your own elegant robotic solution as a mechatronician, livestock breeder, physicist, chemist, anyone but a programmer.
Think, write in a personal.

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