Marat2015-12-25 09:21:53
Marat, 2015-12-25 09:21:53

What fantasy would you recommend, where the main character is a programmer/engineer?

Good afternoon,
I read "Roy" on the recommendation of M. Crichton https://fantlab.ru/work21686 .
Can you suggest works of the same kind, where the main character is an engineer or a programmer?
But only so that he does not become a hybrid of Schwarzenegger and de Vinci, seasoned with Boyarsky. For the world or problem to be solved/learned from an engineering point of view.
PS D. Defoe already read Robinson Crusoe (also suitable for the topic and interesting, although not science fiction =)).
Thank you.

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teugen, 2015-12-25

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Monday starts on Saturday .
In a way, We are Zamyatin. And, of course, engineer Garin's Hyperboloid .

whiteblackness, 2015-12-25

I really liked the fanfic "Harry Potter and rational thinking"
From an AI specialist ( Eliezer Shlomo Yudkovsky )

VSA, 2015-12-25

Andrzej Jasinsky - Nick

Dmitry Makarov, 2015-12-25

So "Martian" =)
And Jules Verne's Mysterious Island
similar question
Updated: And by the way: Isaac Asimov. The Lucky Starr series. Although more adventure reading, but the tasks are solved quite in an engineering way.
And also, perhaps, you should pay attention to the series "MacGyver", although this is not a book, and not fiction, but it is quite in the subject of the question =)

GeraldIstar, 2015-12-25

Cryptonomicon. Not fiction, but GG engineer / proger. A very cool book.

Ivanq, 2015-12-25

At one time I read the book Notes of the programmer's bride . Not fantasy, of course, but interesting.

Neron, 2015-12-25
Lordov @Nekto_Habr

Lukyanenko, novels about depth - a tale about hackers working in virtual reality. Well, in general, the cyberpunk genre.

Anton Fedoryan, 2015-12-25

Dan Brown, Digital Fortress

FreeManOfPeace, 2015-12-25

Robert Heinalein - Moon the Harsh Mistress

Yuri, 2015-12-26

Cliff Simak, Stanislav Lem

Saboteur, 2015-12-28

How can you miss Vladimir Vasiliev?
"Hot Start" is one of the best cyberpunks, the matrix is ​​not even close.
"Technician of Big Kyiv" - a series of books in the style of a witcher.

Jacob E, 2015-12-25

Pavel Shumil - " Translate me through the Maidan ".

nektobit, 2015-12-29

"Full root" - a fantasy novel by Alexander Chubaryan

Think With Your Head, 2015-12-25

Another option is
Mr. Robot

Stalker_RED, 2015-12-25

Peter Watts - False Blindness
Greg Egan - stories, almost everything
Awesome story by Raymond Jones. Noise level

fatrasie, 2015-01-01

Mark Twain. "A Yankee in King Arthur's Court".

neosapient, 2015-01-02

"Door to Summer", Robert Heinlein

ponedelnik07, 2016-01-08

"The End of Eternity" - Isaac Asimov.
The main character is an engineer. I liked the book very much.

Oleg Tsilyurik, 2015-12-25

where is the main character programmer/engineer?

1. Garros-Evdokimov, "Puzzle"
What is it: the story of how a small-time bank PR manager turns into a ruthless superman? Or - the story of ordinary madness? Or - the story of the end of the world, coming for one single person? Or - the Russian-language version of "Fight Club" and "American Psycho"? Or maybe a retelling of a trendy computer game? This is a [brain]breaking: a shocking literary provocation, firmly mixed in a hard thriller plot.
2. A programmer, generally speaking, cannot be a "hero".
Because a programmer is an office plankton :-(

Alexey Pavlov, 2015-12-26

Aromatov Ruslan , a series of books "Object approach" (two books)
Yasinsky Andrzej a series of books "Nick" (eight books, the ninth is being written)
Chuzhin Igor . series "Wanderer" (six books). Not a programmer, but an admin.
UPD. Although not quite on the topic of the question, but it should be on this list (I gave feedback in a parallel question )
Nikolai Gorkavy. The Astrovitian - three books. GG is not a programmer, not an engineer, but this book is solid science fiction, very scientific, intelligent. The author is a well-known scientist, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The book is famously describes a lot of natural sciences. Aimed at teenagers (13-18 years old), but also interesting for adults (with the understanding that the book is for teenagers).

onlyroot, 2016-01-06

I advise you to read "Notes of a Girl Programmer", not fiction, but funny and creepy nostalgia for the good old days

Artyom Tokarevsky, 2015-12-25

Henry Kuttner's Tales of the Engineer Gallegher

JohnJon, 2015-12-25


bormor, 2015-12-25

Vernor Vinge - Deep in the Sky .
Considered by many to be the best sci-fi of the past 20 years.
Very deeply worked and read voraciously.

Pavel Grudinkin, 2015-12-26

I remembered a series of G. Harrison To the Stars
Update: I also found Heinlein The Door to Summer

Dum_spiro_spero, 2015-12-26

Also here: Neil Stevenson "Anathem" - fiction-fiction, the main character is a true theorist/philosopher, not a programmer/engineer.

Imbafire, 2015-12-27

Perhaps only the first book falls under the description, but I will still indicate everything, because in my opinion this series is an excellent fantastic cyberpunk.
Tetralogy by Rudy Rücker "ware":
- Software (1982);
- Wetware (1988);
- Freeware (1997);
- Realware (2000);
All 4 books are in Russian translation

Igor Pavlenko, 2015-12-27

Better than what can be

Konstantin, 2015-12-27

My favorite: Sergey Lukyanenko: 1. Labyrinth of reflections 2. False mirrors 3. Transparent stained-glass windows Now you
can see that everything is moving into the virtual world. I think the future of humanity will be in the digitization of personality).
There are very few books to make it really interesting to read.

LordPixel, 2015-12-28

I recently read Asimov. He has an interesting story Profession. I advise you to read it is very interesting and makes you think.

Sergey, 2015-12-30

Lukyanenko Sergey - Labyrinth of Reflections

Artyom Lagun, 2015-12-31

www.etnogenez.ru/book/hackers - 3 books, read quickly and easily

makol, 2015-01-01

Start writing code yourself - and you will be fantastic

navuhodonosorog, 2015-01-02

Brothers Strugatsky - "Baby" . But despite the fact that the main character is a programmer, the book is not about that. And yet I advise you to read, however, as any of the books of these authors.

Anton, 2016-01-11

"Land of Crimson Clouds" Strugatsky

Marat, 2016-01-14

I also found (how I missed it before) -
G. Harrison's Turing Choice.

Max, 2015-12-25

try Applied Terraforming .

Dmitry Rotaty, 2015-12-25

Law abiding citizen

Mrrl, 2015-12-25

Vladimir Savchenko - "Discovery of oneself" and "Algorithm of success".
To some extent Stevenson "Diamond Age" and Greg Egan "Permutation City"

romy4, 2015-12-26

The series "Mr. Robot"

Alexey K., 2015-12-26

Wonder Generator , Yuri Dolgushin

Nick93, 2015-12-26

Difference machine

Sergey Vorobyov, 2015-12-27

Verb Engineer - Alexander Nikolaevich Zhitinsky

Zam_Bo, 2015-12-27

Maxim Kidruk

SquareWheel, 2015-12-28

At a stretch, Harry Harrison is the Steel Rat.
There was also some funny trash about a nuclear physicist who got into Valhalla and crafted a nuclear bomb, but alas, I don’t remember what it was called.

Miniwe, 2015-12-31

Efremov. Razor Blade www.e-reading.club/book.php?book=22381

ivanbolhovitinov, 2015-12-31

Evgeny Yakubovich. Underworld programmer

UA3MQJ, 2015-12-31

The Tale of Troika - The Strugatskys

Mark Rosenthal, 2016-01-04

model to build.

PiNic, 2016-01-07

Roger Zelazny "Donnerzhdek"

Alexey Gaponyuk, 2016-01-12

"The Girl Who Got Stuck in the Web"

serbod, 2016-01-13

Herbert W. Franke "Y minus"
A little-known but interesting dystopia.

Kirill Lucaris, 2016-01-18

Charles Strauss "Sky of the Singularity"

Yuri Izotov, 2016-04-10

Vernor Vinge "Deep in the sky". There, everything is saturated with IT, there are enough programmers, and Vinge did not find a degree in computer science under the Christmas tree)
I also advise Alastair Reynolds - everything starting with "Revelation Space". Super cycle of NF space opera. There is not much programming there, rather logic. Against the background of all these scientific, technical, biological and philosophical things.

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