Sergey2011-05-31 14:54:26
Sergey, 2011-05-31 14:54:26

Questions about gentoo web server?

Hello. Recently bought a computer-server. Installed gentoo on it, successfully raised the Lamp server.
I want to keep my websites, svn, ticket system, file cleaning there.
In this regard, questions:
1. I have always and everywhere put direct admin on vpska. I found on the Internet that it was allegedly not designed for gentoo, then advise me an alternative for gentoo linux or is there a way to put this panel on gentoo?
2. Recommend some kind of Linux svn (we will program with a command in php)
3. Recommend a ticket system for Linux with a web interface so that you can create tickets remotely and see your tasks.
So far everything seems to be. Google googled, but I want recommendations and advice. Thank you.

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Ivan, 2011-05-31

1. there is a console
2. emerge subversion
3. emerge trac or emerge redmine
Tip - install any binary distribution is better. Why do you need Gent with such questions - it is not at all clear.

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