Denyemall2017-07-24 23:25:38
Electronic accounting
Denyemall, 2017-07-24 23:25:38

How, where and in what form can inventory numbers be attached?

Accounting requires labels with inventories on Rack-mount hardware. As we all understand, the classic hood:
a) closes the air ducts (where to glue them, say, on the blades, so as not to close the ventilation, and so that you can take an inventory without stopping the servers?);
b) stickers may dry out over time;
c) in some cases, several stickers are required (in the case when the equipment is registered with the Institution and with the Founder).
d) a + b + c = contrary to any religion, understanding of the terms aesthetics and ergonomics, and so on.
Question: what methods based on barcodes can be applied in order not to violate the operating conditions while maintaining usability?

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Dimonchik, 2017-07-25

1) adhesive tape over the sticker
2) tie + tag

Denis Michurin, 2017-07-25

Is it necessary to write inventory numbers on pieces of iron? For example, you can stick a barcode and take inventory in the database

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