vitya_brodov2022-04-22 06:08:59
vitya_brodov, 2022-04-22 06:08:59

How to parse an excel curve in java?

I get an excel curve (the structure is not convenient for parsing), I need to write all the fields into an array of
excel objects:
my pojo:

public class RegisterModel {
    private String date;
    private String suip;
    private String state;
    private String transactionID;

public List<RegisterModel> parse(MultipartFile file) throws IOException {
        Workbook workbook = new HSSFWorkbook(file.getInputStream());
        Sheet worksheet = workbook.getSheetAt(0);
        List<RegisterModel> registerModelList = new ArrayList<>();
        for (int i = 3; i < 10; i++) {

            Row row = worksheet.getRow(i);
            RegisterModel registerModel = new RegisterModel();
            String str = String.valueOf(row.getCell(1));
            if (!str.contains("null")) {
//                если дата
                if (str.contains(":")){
//                если число
                if (NumberUtils.isDigits(str)){
        return registerModelList;

result: the data is not completely written to the object, and is repeated.
[RegisterModel(date=2022-03-01T00:58:03, suip=null, state=null, transactionID=null), RegisterModel(date=null, suip=null, state=null, transactionID=502553852624)]

Ps please help me I'm desperate

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Dmitry Roo, 2022-04-22

You need to parse both columns.
We parse the first - we understand what needs to be done with the second.
1. If the first one contains something like "oper_//d*" - create a new RegisterModel object, write the old one (if any) to registerModelList.
2. If something like OPERDAY - parse the second column, try to pull out the date (you can make several options for the date format, if necessary)
3. If SUITE, STATE, NUM_ORDER - similarly.
I would write some separate method that will parse the data from the first column and return commands from the enam.

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