Andrey Rybalko2017-10-09 17:37:28
Andrey Rybalko, 2017-10-09 17:37:28

How to manage laptop cooling?

In general, I have an Asus X554LJ laptop. It has Core-i5-5200U, Nvidea 920M. The problem is that the laptop does not turn on the fans correctly. That is, if I run a program or a game that specifically consumes the resources of the vidyuha and poorly loads the percent, then the cooler (s), I don’t know how many of them are in the laptop, do not spin to their fullest and, accordingly, the vidyukha heats up at 90 degrees. Cooler(s) increase speed but not to the maximum. If at the same time the CPU is also loaded, then the cooler (s) gain such good and sonorous speed that they cool both the CPU and the video card (somewhere around 85 C).
And as I understand it, the cooler can be overclocked only through a percentage, because in programs for overclocking vidyuh, the cooler slider is inactive. Are there programs for this? or maybe something that emulates the load of the processor and the system decides to run the cooler to the maximum?

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poisons, 2017-10-09

Don't fix what isn't broken.
This is the normal temperature for this vidyuhi.
If the system does not go into trotl, then you don’t need to do anything special.

Eugen L, 2017-10-10

SpeedFan if you really want it, but this is its normal temperature under load.

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