elisey4742017-08-06 22:05:00
elisey474, 2017-08-06 22:05:00

How to make a failover for MySQL replication?

There are two MySQL servers in master-master replication mode. What needs to be done so that if one of the servers goes down, the second one continues to work, and after starting the disconnected mysql server, it automatically synchronizes again and continues to work. Is there an automatic solution, or is it possible to restore such a bundle after a fall only with your hands?

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ivankomolin, 2019-03-19

The responder is not accepting a request from localhost:8080 if I understand correctly.

You misunderstood the issue a bit.
Your browser does not allow a request to be made to a server that does not support cross-domain requests.
But this check in the browser can be disabled.
For chrome, dig towards the --disable-web-security parameter

xmoonlight, 2017-08-06

And what does the office say? documentation for it?

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