HudiDudi2015-05-02 21:25:16
HudiDudi, 2015-05-02 21:25:16

How to handle old links when migrating a project?

Good afternoon.
There is a gallery site. It has external links, which are often visited by visitors with a great depth of views. In the near future we plan to change the direction of the site. Now it is a gallery, but there will be an information resource. The theme will not change.
There will be no old materials to which there are links. But there will be a similar one that will be of interest to visitors.
What to do with old addresses, provided that it is impossible to correlate them with new material? I just don't want to give 404. Because of this, links will fall out of the search engines. I want to keep my position. The only thing that comes to mind is a 301 redirect to the main page. Is this approach acceptable?
Sorry for a possibly stupid question, I'm not good at SEO at all.

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Sergey Gornostaev, 2018-05-12

Obviously, he doesn't like the fact that gthere is no object in the variable. Read the description of the getGraphics method :

This method will return null if this component is currently not displayable.

Valentine, 2015-05-03

If you put a redirect to the main page, then the URL of your links will be minimal, leave the gallery, if you don't like the old links, make a 301 redirect via htaccess to new addresses. Change the presentation of the gallery and slip new content next to it.
If you put 404, then you will immediately drop in traffic, it’s hard to say how it will affect the ranking, if the links are from thematic resources with keywords, then you’ll drop for sure.
In general, I would think about how to leave it.

yanusrnd, 2015-05-12

Make 301 redirects to "section master pages".
For example, if the old page was about elephants, then redirect to the main page of the section about elephants. So you will usefully distribute the stat weight of links across sections and reduce the number of "refusals" when clicking on such links.
If it is not at all clear where to redirect, then do it on the "main" site.

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