zhaar2019-11-07 17:26:14
zhaar, 2019-11-07 17:26:14

How to get all data from xlsx file?

Question - there is a file that has a pivot table (pivot table) on a single sheet. The worksheet has a field filter enabled by default, and it only returns 1000 rows in the end. If the filter is removed, then there will be more than 1 million rows, which will cause Excel to be offended and say that it cannot display all the data.
How to query level
'Data Source=D:\Transfer\Connected_TT_0919.xlsm;Extended Properties=Excel 12.0')...[Report$]
print the entire data set , on which the pivot is built, without using the installed filters? Those. so that MSSQL displays more than 1k rows?

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Vitaliy Orlov, 2018-10-08

Make the image transparent where the white path is, then put a yellow rectangle under it and move it to the right with css
Just align the person to the right edge of the yellow rectangle

BasiC2k, 2019-11-07

Usually there is no need for the user to display the entire data set (1k records) for display at once. If you need to copy and process data - copy everything at once and process in parts.

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