Alexander2020-05-04 14:26:20
Alexander, 2020-05-04 14:26:20

How to fix Cyrillic bugs in the BitrixVM console?

Cyrillic in the BitrixVM console is displayed normally, but the length of the string is calculated incorrectly, which is why when erasing the Cyrillic text, for example, part of the invitation is deleted.
How to fix it?

Problems with definition of length of a line. Those. when in the console there is Russian text in the line water, it will fit on the prompt as if it had several backspaces at the beginning (if you know there was such a terminal character once), so that the text starts to overlap the text of the prompt if this text is selected from the tooltip.
We enter the text (so far everything is fine):
Erase the text - oops, a piece of the invitation has been erased:
Here's what happens if you sort through the text with the up arrow if there was a Russian input:

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Mikhail Vasilyev, 2020-05-04

To the heap https://ergoz.ru/smiena-kodirovki-utf-8-v-konsoli-...

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