Rrooom2014-09-30 10:56:59
Rrooom, 2014-09-30 10:56:59

How to find out why the form submit does not work?

There is a page. Separate things in Angular, a lot of jquery plugins. Added a simple get-form. And she doesn't go. Not at all. No submission. It has been experimentally established that the form starts working if there is an error in the angular files or if it is cut out altogether.

How to find the problem?
I look in the firebug - it states that "There are no event handlers attached directly to this element."

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maxaon, 2014-10-16

Angular will automatically add its handlers. If you want to disable this, add a non-empty action attribute to the form.

TekVanDo, 2014-09-30

angular by default handles all form submit events inside its body. Submit form using angular

Ilya, 2014-10-01

It was similar. The submit must have the value value="true".

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