yamakasi_habr2022-04-01 17:48:58
yamakasi_habr, 2022-04-01 17:48:58

How to create a bot for windows?

How to create a bot for windows in c #, for example, so that he
himself clicks on the My Computer icon on the desktop
Click on the Disk C button
Changes the file name
, etc.
That is, to interact with the Windows interface

I write in c #

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rPman, 2022-04-01

c# in this case is not the best choice (it is correct to use c++ or c or it is better to use a ready-made framework and language - autoit but it has been stagnating for a long time), .net does not have the necessary api and everything will have to be imported from win32
, here they are discussing the simplest example of simulating mouse movement, see also how to import the library
in order to get basic information about the graphical structure of the windows of the required applications (and all of them will somehow use at least one win32 window), use the regular utility that comes with visual studio - microsoft spy ++ (even if there are no shortcuts , the spyxx.exe utility is located in the visual studio... tools directory)

Nadim Zakirov, 2022-04-01

Write a batch file or VBS script.

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