herasko-siarhei2022-04-21 23:05:26
herasko-siarhei, 2022-04-21 23:05:26

How to add an opening voltage to the transistor control voltage?

there is a control voltage from 1 to 5 volts. There is a transistor that opens at 5 volts and is controlled by a voltage of 5 to 10 volts. I want to know how to add some fixed voltage to the transistor gate in addition to the control voltage so that it is, let's say, at a low start)). An operational amplifier is not an option to use, I will lose many steps of the control signal.

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Sergey Sergey, 2022-04-22

did it a hundred times

atereffigies, 2022-04-22

As I understand it, you want the transistor not to go into full shutdown mode?
Just connect a resistor between the gate and the power positive - this will set the bias up (Example https://tinyurl.com/y5t9mw9k ).
Only if the signal source is turned off will the transistor open completely.
But in general, it would be better if you said for what purpose you need it.

Leonid, 2022-04-22

I do not understand the question a little, in terms of the scheme of work. But the first thing that came to mind was to use a voltage amplifier. For example, a circuit of capacitors and diodes

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