Sergey Buben2016-06-16 11:37:54
Sergey Buben, 2016-06-16 11:37:54

How to add a second price in VirtueMart in Joomla?

The fact is that a denomination is taking place in Belarus. In the store, you now need to keep two prices: in the old currency and in the new one. The store is implemented using VirtueMart on Joomla. Judging by the forums that I read, you can do it somehow through the "properties" of the store, but I did not quite understand how. It is necessary that the old price and the new one be displayed in the product card.
I will be glad if you help

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Cat Anton, 2015-11-01

preg_replace( '/\?\{pHolder\}(.*?)\?\{\/pHolder\}/us', '', $html );

MK, 2015-11-01

if there are hyphens in "some html", then you need to write like this ([.\n\s]*?), because the dot does not cover them

Yaroslav, 2016-06-16

Good afternoon.
It seems to me that the simplest solution is through custom fields.
This is how we display the price for the Market.
Create a new custom field -> like this icecream.me/79955497dc3659084847d8035783715f
Then display it "under" or "above" (or somewhere else) in the virtualmart template.
Such a field can also be updated automatically through the same 1C, if it is used. Or import / export and change.

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