Umid2017-05-23 13:20:43
Umid, 2017-05-23 13:20:43

How does AngularJs work?

Good afternoon.
Please drink hard. I'm new to Angular, I've been studying for about a week.
Interested in the question, the question of routing.
How does angularjs work? In the sense that I will receive as a result as a product.
Those. when using routes, I get a SPA or only the Front-end part.
For example, I have a gallery, and it has 10 sections.
And the project is implemented on Angular 2.
It has routes gallery.com/blabla/1 , gallery.com/blabla/2, gallery.com/blabla/3 etc.
Each section contains 10 high quality images.
What will happen in the case of angular?
Will all the images be loaded at once, or will they be loaded only when you click on a certain section?

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Alexander Manakov, 2017-05-23

Look through the tutorials, everything is quite good and detailed there. Half of the questions will disappear by itself.
SPA or only Front-end part? Front-end
Will all images load at once, or will they only load when a certain section is clicked? to a specific section. Although you can do it right away. As you wish.

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