EnZo_Smile2018-06-28 10:37:52
EnZo_Smile, 2018-06-28 10:37:52

Free SketchUp - everything?

Do I understand correctly that the desktop version of SketchUP can now only be paid?
I installed the 2017 SketchUP for free and after 30 days it continued to work, and from the 2018 version it only worked for these trial 30 days. I am aware that there is a web version, but it is somehow defective in functionality and slow even if you force a discrete video card on the browser.

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Ezhyg, 2018-06-28

Yes, now only Free or for Web is free :(
Correction-addition, there is a version of SkenchUp Make, tucked a little deeper, it seems to be cut off more than earlier versions.
In general, why do you need the "newest" version? This is the "head android" brain like this? :D

Denny, 2018-07-05

Free Blender3D is everything!

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