Aleksandr_r2022-02-10 23:13:46
Computer networks
Aleksandr_r, 2022-02-10 23:13:46

Does Rostelecom have a low speed up to certain resources?

Has anyone encountered such a problem that when connected via Rostelecom, the speed is cut to certain resources? In particular, I noticed before sharepoint.com docker hub. One drive synchronization with 10 threads maximum downloads at a speed of 600kbps. I tried to connect via beeline and there the speed was megabits, something in the region of 2 was definitely

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Vasily Bannikov, 2022-02-11

I think it's better to contact the regional technical support of the Republic of Tatarstan.
It is possible that this is some kind of malfunction.

Talyan, 2022-02-11

Well, it’s not good to do that since RTK is the most popular provider, and at the junction of RTK with these sites of yours, for example, a 1 Gb link, it’s just logical to assume that you compete with other subscribers when accessing resources, because such speed. Try checking your speed at different times of the day.

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