OneTwoThreeFourFive2017-06-25 11:43:19
OneTwoThreeFourFive, 2017-06-25 11:43:19

Does display: none affect SEO?

Hello. On one page, in the footer, you need to hide a div in which there are 2 pictures with links to the internal pages of the site and a news subscription form. I found in Google that you can’t hide content display: none, it negatively affects SEO. Is it true? How can I hide this div in another way?

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Alexander Pushkarev, 2017-06-25

You need to hide through visible hidden
Alternatively - https://codepen.io/anon/pen/yXzJGx

Denis Karakchiev, 2017-06-25

Affects. Robots don't see display: none. And visible: hidden, as Alexander Pushkarev rightly noted, is visible. Those. it is better to hide semantic headings in this way.
Related - 'HTML shorts - why do we need headers?' watch this episode and also the links below, spend 5-10 minutes. If semantics is not interesting, you can immediately poke links under the video =)

Stanislav, 2017-06-25

In short, it does! Search engines see and reduce the weight of hidden content. More

Raphael™, 2017-06-25

you can just remove it from the screen

Nikita Kit, 2017-06-25

I wouldn't advise you at all to use even methods from the jQuery libraries that toggle elements through display: none. In addition to the fact that robots do not see part of the content, if our tabs contain elements with js logic, it will have to be driven into a separate function and reinitialized, since the element with display: none disappears even for js.
Generally the most animated way to hide elements: pointer-events: none -> auto, opacity: 0 -> 1

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