Alexander Blagodarnov2020-02-27 10:42:01
Alexander Blagodarnov, 2020-02-27 10:42:01

Colleagues, how do you get out of the situation when you need to constantly bring the PC to its original state?

Good afternoon!
Colleagues, we have the task of issuing travel laptops and, after returning, bring them to their original state.
We are currently using Clonzilla for this. Takes up significant time.
I think there is an easier way, such as snapshot on the VM. Who uses something like this?
How to get out of the situation.

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Vladimir Kokhan, 2020-02-27

There is such a program - Shadow Defender
Install, run and forget about the problems. No matter how perverted, after a reboot, Windows returns to its original state.

granty, 2020-02-27

I use Acronis . I make a full backup of the screw at the physical level. Make a bootable CD/flash drive.

Nadim Zakirov, 2020-02-27

On Windows, everything is complicated, but if you suddenly install Linux and use the btrfs file system ... then everything changes dramatically. This file system allows you to take a snapshot of the state of the entire FS and, if desired, you can roll back to any snapshot with one command, instantly. Alternatively, you can run Windows inside VirtualBox on Linux and snapshot the disk image. To give access to the user through a remote desktop.

Artem @Jump, 2020-02-27
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Well, restore from a backup and that's it.
Delov then.
Launched a batch file and everything.

Vladimir Korotenko, 2020-02-27

Look this way.

Vladimir, 2020-02-27

Since zero I use Norton Ghost for this. Only not the one under Windows, but which is bootable. Although the manufacturer has not supported it for a long time, it is still included in many usb-recoveries.
In general, I won’t say anything special about it: it allows you to backup partitions or entire disks, there is compression. Simple as Kalash, but does its job perfectly (for me). When I studied at the institute and had to rape my laptop with dozens of other people's flash drives, I made it a rule to restore the system partition every day.

res2001, 2020-02-27

1. You can use Windows restore points. But we need to work out the option of restoring user data.
2. With Akronis we make a security zone and enable the "startup recovery" option. In this case, in the boot menu, it becomes possible to start the recovery. Recovery takes place within 5 minutes. No bootable media, etc.

Andrey Ermachenok, 2020-02-27

Stupidly regular Windows recovery from Backup does not work?

FEDKOTV, 2020-02-28

I restore through Acronis True Image. It takes about 5 to 15 minutes depending on the hardware and the size of the image.

ThunderCat, 2020-02-27

There used to be a chic Roxio GoBack thing. It was possible to play with any settings / system settings up to bsod, and then reboot and restore as it was. Now I don’t even know what kind of analogues there are.

Kelv13, 2020-02-27

Put a small SSD in laptops. What and from what you restore - connect via USB3.0

aroman313, 2020-02-28

Create a system image using the built-in Windows tools.
Much easier

VGut, 2020-02-28

There is a relatively easy way to reset Windiws and create snapshots.
You need to install Windiws with all programs in a VHD container. Then create a differential container to the main one and register the boot from it in BCD (Boot Configuration Data), all changes will be made to the differential container. To return to the initial state, register in BCD the launch of a batch file to replace the differential container with an empty one.
The loss of speed when running Windows from vhd is less than 10% compared to a physical disk.

vl_st_13, 2020-02-28

Make a guest user, after a reboot, the account is recreated, even if the domain account (add the user group to the guest group)

Vladimir, 2020-03-05

And if you try the option with "Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows FREE"
Works as a service.
We prepare the OS, we make a backup. Then, on command, it is simply restored from the desired backup.
If necessary, an up-to-date backup is easily done.

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