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mrkotovsk1, 2022-04-21 08:18:40

Cloning a windows app?

Advise a software that allows you to clone a program from one windows to another (preferably with the preservation of parameters, licenses, etc) You
need a clone of the program, not the disk itself

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rPman, 2022-04-21

It is the cloning functionality, and the running one, that virtualization systems have, if the machines physically have the same hardware, then even the application backup systems are based on this, allowing them not to stop their work (a fraction of a second pause) even after the death of one of the machines (Fault Tolerance as part of High Availability in vmware).
If we are talking about transferring settings, then in most cases it is enough to determine the location of their storage and copy only them. You can control exactly how the application is installed on the machine using the disk and registry monitor (this is usually enough), for example, the microsoft sysinternails application
In practice, of course, no one solves this problem head-on, a regular installation of the application is performed on the target machine, and then the registry is copied (using the regular regedit) from HKLM and HKCU /Software/.. and files from appdata (plus the actual application files, where they are kept)

Hemul GM, 2022-04-21

There is no such program. No program will be able to find out what and where is stored in another application.
Better tell me what kind of program?

Alexander, 2022-04-21

It all depends on the specific program, how strongly it integrates into the OS.
Most often, it is enough to transfer the working folder and registry keys. Sometimes a service folder from AppData.
Some programs are almost impossible to port.

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