Andrey Sidorov2022-03-09 21:09:02
Andrey Sidorov, 2022-03-09 21:09:02

Causes of black screen of death iMac 2017?

A week ago, crashes began in Big Sur.
Black screen of death 1) at random moments 2) some time after imac automatically goes to sleep
Updated to Monterey - the problem did not disappear.
Formatted the SSD, installed Monterey. I began to install software from the app store, it crashed on the xcode installation. And it keeps crashing at random times.
Today, for the test, I launched a 9-hour video on YouTube, and not a single crash. As the video ended and the computer fell asleep, it soon saw the black screen of death again and the imac rebooted.

Crash dumps https://gist.github.com/morr/88c22be99fe9d2b014964...
SMC, PRAM reset

Any ideas what the problem is and what can be done? (other than sending the imac to apple service center)

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ABOMETP, 2022-03-30

floating problems are usually related to the frame, first take it out and insert it, even Macs do not perceive network problems well, if there are problems with overheating, you can run yes > /dev/null & in the stress test terminal

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