Andrew2020-10-23 12:25:21
Andrew, 2020-10-23 12:25:21

Are you aware of the cases when the mobile operator included data identifying the subscriber (phone number, ICCID) in the headers of HTTP packets?


Purely for research purposes, the question posed in the title is of interest.

Have you ever met in your practice or have you heard from someone that some mobile operators from some countries include a mobile phone number or ICCID of a SIM card in HTTP packet headers for the purposes of unambiguous subscriber identification?
If so, could you describe your experience in more detail?
In general, do you think such a scenario is realistic?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Vladimir Korotenko, 2020-10-23

All countries where there is mobile internet wap and other tr. Each data packet is uniquely associated with a client agreement number and a billing number. However, there are still many bugs. You specify what you want

Dimonchik, 2020-10-23

it is enough to look at the IP to see the operators' internal network - all questions about identification will disappear
and about headers will disappear - what kind of idiot will send modified headers to other sites?
and those who got to mobile subscriptions by clicking on the link - those from the very beginning have no questions

15432, 2020-10-23

I saw it on my phone a couple of years ago, on the left site it showed my phone number. MTS, 3G

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