Alex Ponomarev2020-02-22 15:59:02
Alex Ponomarev, 2020-02-22 15:59:02

API data filter How to do?

learned how to get data (list of group members) using the groups.getMembers method
But I can’t figure out how to filter them by gender, city and age

$limit = 1000;
$users = array();
do {
  $offset = $page * $limit;
  //Получаем список пользователей

  $members = json_decode(file_get_contents("https://api.vk.com/method/groups.getMembers?group_id=37372389&v=5.16&offset=$offset&count=$limit&fields=sex,bdate&access_token=$token"),true);
  foreach ($members['response']['users'] as $user_array) {
    // Если пользователь указал дату рождения и пользователь - мужчина...
    if ((isset($user_array['bdate'])) && ($user_array['sex'] == 2)) {
        // ... и если в дате рождения три компонента (ДД.ММ.ГГГГ)...
        if (count(explode(".", $user_array['bdate'])) == 3) {
            // то вычисляем возраст (формулу нашел в интернете)
            $age = floor((time()-strtotime($user_array['bdate']))/(60*60*24*365.25));
            // Если возраст нам подходит, выводим id пользователя с переводом строки
            if ($age > 25) {
                echo $user_array['uid'] . "<br/>";

The code does not run, tell me where the error is please. and if there is something to read about how to create filters for such data, I will be very grateful.

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AUser0, 2020-02-22

The do { block does not have a closing curly brace and a corresponding continuation.
The $page and $token variables used in the URL are not defined.
The VK service quite predictably swears at the lack of user authorization, the list does not give back.

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