Prizrak552016-07-28 14:46:24
Prizrak55, 2016-07-28 14:46:24

API 17 rendering error?

From English. I'm bad. Please explain to me how to counter this problem. I googled, I didn’t find anything. (Or rather, I found it, but I didn’t understand anything)
1) I can’t set buttons because of this problem, it doesn’t say anything on API 24 and nothing is set, on API17 it’s like thisfa00250fd152456ca59b04b95485ba2c.PNGb0f2759b7db44bfbab7da40095be4fad.PNG66e74b6b06a644858009b1e6be4dfd71.PNG7a598f11afd643dbae358a26add63f6e.PNG

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aol-nnov, 2016-07-28

the answer is easily searched by the search engine and the search words are right in the error text - "please configure your build for vectordrawablecompat"

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