losangelescarroll2015-01-06 16:35:31
losangelescarroll, 2015-01-06 16:35:31

Apartment plan drawing (JS)?

I'm looking for a plugin for drawing an apartment plan / for drawing lines by cells.
Either something similar, or API services.

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Sergey, 2015-01-07

leaflet.js You will need to prepare the floor plan tiles for display.

Roger, 2015-01-06


Dimitri, 2015-01-06

I have a long-term construction in development - something like an analogue of the AutoCAD autolisp - by entering primitive commands you can draw not complex drawings - I calculated for another project, but it’s also suitable for apartment projects, if it doesn’t burn, I’ll finish it - I’ll share it (approximately by the summer in plans)

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