Ilya Pavlov2018-10-15 10:12:30
Apache HTTP Server
Ilya Pavlov, 2018-10-15 10:12:30

Apache2 proxy redirect?

There are virtual host configs with a redirect to port 3100:

<VirtualHost mysite.ru:80>
        ServerName www.mysite.ru
        ServerAdmin [email protected]
        ServerAlias mysite.ru

        ProxyPreserveHost On
        ProxyRequests     Off
        ProxyPass         / http://localhost:3100/
        ProxyPassReverse  / http://localhost:3100/

But if there is also another virtual host with the same parameters, but for a different domain/subdomain, and with a redirect to a different port, then all hosts are redirected exactly to 3100. Each virtual host must have its own redirect to its own port. What is the problem?

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Kirill Maslov, 2018-10-27

The doc says

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