The Whiz2013-05-13 11:48:56
The Whiz, 2013-05-13 11:48:56

apache2 or nginx for Django project

We decide what to put. Actually advise. Thanks

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d4rkr00t, 2013-05-13

I chose nginx + uwsgi for myself

fkvf, 2013-05-13

I see no reason to use apache (unless of course you have some specific things for which nginx is not suitable)

merlin-vrn, 2013-05-15

I've tried this and that. With nginx + uswgi things get easier and somehow straight forward.
Even massvirtualhosting, beloved by Apaches, turns out to be simpler and more versatile - so I can easily give each host a separate configuration and even a separate version of php, as well as python (2.7 / 3.2), ruby ​​and what else uwsgi supports.

Haos616, 2013-11-13

nginx + uwsgi. The fact is that nginx is a very very flexible web server, so I don’t even recommend looking at Apache, plus nginx works great with static. There are very cool things for nginx like X-Accel-Redirect ( http://vds-admin.ru/nginx/kontroliruemye-skachivaniya-v-nginx ), it allows you to control static and not only =).

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