AlexWinner2011-04-12 10:07:26
AlexWinner, 2011-04-12 10:07:26

Apache2 - logging server response time?

Greetings! The server has Apache2 installed with a tomcat backend via mod_jk. I would like to be able to log the response time of Tomcat to questions. As far as I can see, in Apache there is only the possibility of logging "The time taken to serve the request". That is, if the tomcat processes the request in 1 second, and the client downloads the response in 10 seconds, then 10 seconds are logged.
Perhaps you should try a variant with nginx before apache? Then, through the HttpUpstreamModule, you can get the $upstream_response_time variable. And it just also will be equal to demanded time?

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Vitaly Peretyatko, 2011-04-12

By the way, if he puts nginx in front of Apache, then “The time taken to serve the request” will just be = the processing time of the request, since nginx takes it from apache very quickly, and then slowly gives it to the client.

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