Alexey2014-09-05 15:00:15
Apache HTTP Server
Alexey, 2014-09-05 15:00:15

Apache2 hangs, is it possible to fix it?

apache2 just hangs from time to time. Logs after sites stop responding.
Moreover, bots (or not bots) are breaking down non-existent paths (I can’t even imagine how it happened). Sometimes referrals skip all sorts of escort services, " yandex.ru/images/........... " and other strange things.
The apche2 process is running. It's just that nginx gives a 502 error sometimes there is no connection at all. VPS(FastVPS).
Somehow I twisted the Apache configs - it didn’t help.

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Sergey Petrikov, 2014-09-05

You do not have enough memory for your settings, either reduce the number of fcgi workers or increase memory.

xmoonlight, 2014-09-05

Do analytics on countries and networks on the web server port (usually 80,81,82) through a sniffer and you will understand what and where to block the excess ....

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