fpir2018-03-30 12:45:21
Apache HTTP Server
fpir, 2018-03-30 12:45:21

Apache2 config list?

Hello people.
Was ubuntu srv 12.04 with FreePBX. I updated the release to 14.04 and Apache stopped showing the PBX admin panel, apparently I told him to load the default settings. It is necessary, of course, to smoke the complete Apache manual, but I would like to solve it somehow faster.
There are full server backups in the archive. Can he slip the configs from the backup? And what configs to slip him if the file structure of the web server is not affected?

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roswell, 2018-03-30

Compare the contents of /etc/apache2 on the server and in the archive, make the appropriate changes.

fpir, 2018-04-04

Key point: 12.04 had apache2.2 and 14.04 had apache2.4. Configs are NOT compatible, because modules have been replaced.
To the question in the title, roswell's answer is accurate, the apacha configs are there. But I also had to edit
the PHP configs and install the asterisk ODBC drivers to access the database. In general, I do not recommend doing this. I think it would be easier to merge the FreePBX configs (or asterisk, if it is native) and reinstall the FreePBX Distro image.
In theory, if the configs do not fit completely, it should be easier to resolve. Gonna try to upgrade to 16.04

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