AlexWinner2011-02-18 17:06:02
Apache HTTP Server
AlexWinner, 2011-02-18 17:06:02

Apache2.2 - choosing gzip or not gzip depending on response code

Tell me, please, is it possible to choose whether to use gzip compression when responding to the client, depending on which code is returned? As far as I understand, apache compresses on the fly through mod deflate, and when the response code becomes known, compression is already in progress and nothing will change. Do I understand correctly?
(In general, I need to disable compression for cases where a 302 redirect is returned.)

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homm, 2011-02-18

There is a parameter in nginx - the minimum size of the response that will be compressed. Maybe Apache has one.

Vlad Zhivotnev, 2011-02-18

location bla bla bla {
root blablabla;
if (blablabla) {
gzip off;}
You get the idea...

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