Anatoly Tsivilev2014-08-09 00:37:39
Apache HTTP Server
Anatoly Tsivilev, 2014-08-09 00:37:39

Apache won't start from Denver - is port 80 closed?

netstat does not show any process sitting on port 80
skype is not running firewall is
Antivirus - COMODO -
teamviewer is off (
everything from the tray is turned off)
. Apache writes a standard error about a closed port:
netstat -a : i67.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0809/47/9c273ed959ea59ebb4...
task manager : i66.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0809/25/838110c80d1b84b282...

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Igor, 2014-08-09

Try in the Apache config, change the listner to another port or replace with

Sergey, 2014-08-09
Protko @Fesor

In general, throw out this denver. Take at least an open server, or even better - install a vagrant, or just keep virtual machines with debianchik and let everything spin there and you work from Windows. And even better - on Linux (at least in a virtual machine).
If you need to "learn" at all, then simply PHP is enough, which since version 5.4 has its own built-in web server. For indulgence and for the development of it is more than enough.

Sergey Brovko, 2014-08-14

Is Skype running on this computer?
In Skype, uncheck the following path: Settings-Advanced-Connection - "For additional incoming connections, use ports 80 and 443", then restart Skype and try to restart Denver.

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