unsobill2011-05-13 06:07:21
unsobill, 2011-05-13 06:07:21

Apache/php/mysql/rsync interview questions

Good day dear.
How to communicate persuasively with employers about experience with these technologies: Apache/php/mysql/rsync.
What examples did you give in an interview in order to get a job with these technologies. I myself am familiar and worked with this, but now, apart from the banal “configured httpd.conf, added a virtual directory, set chmods, bakup / restore database”, nothing comes to mind now. Maybe someone already has working verbal definitions for these technologies that can break the ice and gain confidence in an interview?

Thank you.

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Iskander Giniyatullin, 2011-05-13

All these "verbal definitions" such as "wrote high-load projects, optimized queries and fine-tuned mysql for highload sites" which, in theory, should inspire the respect and trust of the employer ("what a cool dude came") actually often act the other way around ("again a person came who read something somewhere and now reproduces what he remembers”)
It’s best to just specifically tell about your experience with these technologies, for example, “ supported Apache on a server with 500+ virtual hosts, auto-configuring new hosts, etc. . " or " configured Apache to keep 100k+ requests per second on a machine with an ancient hard drive, 128 MB of RAM and a pentium 2 233mhz ".
Or "developed such and such a product in php, ran into such and such difficulties, rummaged through the internet, found a solution in the form of the SOME_PATTERN_NAME pattern "
Or" worked with the site, it slowed down: pages were generated in 3.5 seconds, started looking for the reason: enabled slow_queries_log, found a long query, executed 1.5 seconds 2 times on each page, did EXPLAIN found that there was a join without indexes, fixed it - the site started to fly, pages are generated in 0.2 seconds now "
In short, some kind of real experience, with real numbers, with real problems and solutions, and not just abstract “I know how to set up virtual hosts”, “I know how to synchronize folders using rsync” (by the way, how did he get into this list here?)
Because real experience shows 2 things:
1. you worked and faced problems - i.e. you have work experience
2. you solved these problems - it means you have a head on your shoulders
“Verbal definitions” show one thing:
you were able to ask a question on habrahabr, isolate something from the answers and tell.

Sergey, 2011-05-13

Umm, tell me better that you know how to carefully and accurately study manuals and other documentation, incl. in English. This, most often, is much more important than some specific skills, which sometimes do not imply understanding, but work like reflexes.

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