qwqeqwe20172017-08-23 21:23:04
qwqeqwe2017, 2017-08-23 21:23:04

Apache or nginx?

Guys, I was recently told they say it’s 2k17 in the yard and pure nginx should be used for the site by default, no matter what content there is, they say nginx has learned to work with dynamics better than Apache and Apache + nginx is the last century. Is it so? Does it make sense to use Apache for anything?

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D3lphi, 2017-08-23

Yes it is. It's high time to use nginx.

zooks, 2017-08-23

See why.
If for the organization of shared hosting, then Apache is indispensable: you can use configs in it without overloading the server.
If for a separate project, then it will only eat up extra memory. And for statics, you still need nginx.

Sergey Sokolov, 2017-08-23

The question does not have a clear answer. Both web servers have their own advantages.
You may find a useful article comparing Apache and Nginx in detail
in English and its translation into Russian .

tema_sun, 2017-08-23

Once upon a time, I could not answer the question "why do I actually still need Apache?". Since then on nginx.

Victor Taran, 2017-08-23


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