mafet2012-02-13 02:10:03
Apache HTTP Server
mafet, 2012-02-13 02:10:03

Apache event mpm?

Does anyone use event mpm for apache? earlier I did not bother and used prefork. I recently switched to worker and felt an increase in stability and speed. chaos ceased to be created with a large number of processes in certain cases. What is its main difference and does it make sense to switch not to this model?
Views ~20000 per day. Apache itself is backend. frontend - nginx. True, I have not bothered with caching dynamic output yet, and there are no problems with this yet.

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max_rip, 2012-02-13

If you have one site on the host, and you don’t have to bother with the rights, then the worker will be better, all the same, generating a new process will be harder. Yes, it will eat less memory.
But if something falls, then only one process will suffer in prefork, and the situation in worker can be more deplorable.
In general, google prefork vs worker. There will be no single answer, it is necessary to choose according to the situation.

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