crazyhat2017-06-20 20:01:07
Apache HTTP Server
crazyhat, 2017-06-20 20:01:07

Apache does not open localhost, can anyone come across such a problem?

Installed apache on Ubuntu 16.04. I open localhost, the page does not open. There is index.html in the /var/www/html/ folder, in theory apache should open it. There are no errors when starting apache. Maybe someone faced such a problem? I've read a bunch of forums and haven't found anything. Reinstalling doesn't help either.

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SlavikF, 2017-06-20

I understand that you open localhost from the same computer where Apache is installed. Right?
- Check Apache status:
sudo systemctl status apache2
- Look at Apache logs.
Usually they are in /var/log/apache2/

Viktor Taran, 2017-06-21

/html? where ?
By default, everything was put there,
but in general, of course, you need to create a location for the site.

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