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Apache cordova on node.js?

I want to master Cross-platform development, I googled Apache cordova and PhoneGap. This is the same? And why does phonegap require node.js to be installed, all of a sudden I just want to output a helloword and
www.visualstudio.com/en-us/explore/cordova-vs.aspx was node.js used in this video in apachecord?
Probably all I'm asking is incomprehensible nonsense, but I can't figure out just for myself why there is a nod.gs

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Sergey, 2014-11-01


Instead of google, they would read something useful, Wikipedia is the same.
Phonegap is currently a console tool and framework for building projects based on cordova. Since these things (like plugin management and the like) are written in JS, you need node.js to run them.
Cordova itself is a webview and an API for connecting js and native code through callbacks and json.
If you take this case, I recommend ionic

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